Top 10 List of all Top 10 Lists

Do we sweat the small stuff?

So many people feel over worked, over stressed and things are are way over complicated! Technology for example is supposed to make our life easier, but it doesn’t. In most cases because just like with many procedures and processes, PEOPLE make it way more complicated than it needs to be. Personally, I like to use the “KISS” method, “Keep It Simple Stupid!” It’s just a… wait for it… Common Sense approach to business practices. Or as I call it nowadays, “Rare Sense”. Because common sense isn’t so common anymore! We have to try to remember 100 different log ins and security protocols for everything we need to access, and heaven forbid you have both business and personal accounts, with Google always trying to “remember who you are”… Yeesh, give us a break already!

Thinking about the technology driven world we live in now, we seem to be online just about every day. We are always searching, researching, paying bills, and socializing… And when searching just about any topic online, especially on Google, you will notice that so many search results are about “Best”, “Top” and “Lists”. Search engine algorithms tend to like those keywords.

God’s Top 10 List

So like a coffee pot on a Saturday morning, this got my brain percolating! What would be THE Top 10 List of all Top 10 Lists? Google and I would have to agree to disagree on the search results for this topic. For me, there was no question and only one search result came to mind. That’s right, God’s Top 10 List, The Ten Commandments!

Some say there were actually 15 commandments, but one of the tablets fell and broke, and that’s how we ended up with 10. Take it easy, kidding of course, it’s just a joke! But seriously, can you think of any better example of simplicity and common sense? In our over-bloviated society, don’t sweat the small stuff, but do remember and enjoy the simple things that God has bestowed upon us!

And look, we all like stuff! We like to have nice cars, nice houses, a pool… and there’s nothing wrong with that. I believe that God wants us to be happy and enjoy life, to have a sense of humor and laugh. I’m sure that he may question and shake his head sometimes at my sense of humor, but I’d also like to think that I give him a chuckle from time to time. In my opinion, it’s ok to not feel guilty about enjoying those things, as long as we remember that they are just that. Material things. Things for our pleasure, but certainly not the most important things. I think the most important thing that we have is our faith and belief in God. If you didn’t have any of those things, if all those things went away, remember that you can still be rich in Christ.

I say we keep God’s Top 10 List number 1 on our chart, and keep God number 1 in our heart! And hey, I’m no theologian, I’m not even that smart. I’m like a “Christian under construction”, because I need God to work on me every day! But I try… I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

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