Squirrelly McNut Goes to School – By Dwayne Smith

Squirrelly McNut Goes to School.

About the story :

Meet Squirrelly, in Squirrelly McNut Goes to School. This is a story
It’s the first day of school for our main character. He is excited,
nervous, and a little afraid. He discovers that school wasn’t as scary
as he thought it was going to be. He learned some lessons, made a
friend, and found out how much fun it could actually be to go to
school. And really it’s everyone’s story in a sense, at one time or
another, we’ve all been a little scared or nervous about a new
school, a new move, or a new job. And for our main character
Squirrelly, he soon overcomes his fear and anxiety. He makes
friends, has adventures, and just may learn some good values and
lessons along the way. When you read this story, I sincerely hope
that you feel as good and happy as I feel every time I read it.

This is a short, simple and wholesome bedtime story that hopefully
illustrates innocence, morals, and good Christian values.

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