So you wrote a book, now what? – Becoming an author part 2.

So you wrote a book, now what?

Now that you’ve created a piece of literature, it’s time to think about getting it published to share with the world. So you’ve written your story, your memoirs, your novel… Congratulations! You created something that came directly from YOUR brain, woo hoo! That is an amazing achievement all by itself, but, it is just one part of an adventurous equation. Breaks over, let’s get back to work!

So what comes next?

Research! Well almost, not just yet… For me personally, I first did a little thinking and reflecting about what I actually created and what direction I wished it could go in. I mean, I would love to be a “One hit wonder”, that would be awesome! But, I didn’t write the “next best novel”, I wrote “Squirrelly McNut Goes to School”, a children’s book. For my path, in my mind, I envision a “Squirrelly McNut series”. So hopefully, fingers crossed, the first one does well.

That being said, thinking about the bigger picture of what I hope it will become, I tried to create what I felt was an iconic main character, as well as an iconic supporting character. I wanted them to be adorable! And according to my wife, among others, mission accomplished! I mean, see for yourself. What do you think? We can definitely see them being on apparel at some point in the future.

As I said starting out, there are a few different pieces of the puzzle and equations to think about, so you do your own math on that, and think about your direction. And speaking of math, it is not one of my strong points. The last time someone asked me to subtract, I just walked out! When they asked where I was going… I told them that I was minus-ing 1. Math joke! Ok sorry, back to business.

Is there a Publisher in the house?

Finding the right publisher. Besides having adorable characters, my book “Squirrelly McNut Goes to School”, like all of the future titles and stories to come, is centered around innocence, wholesome stories, and Christian values. Since my book has to deal with teachable faith based moments, that guided my research as well. Now this is just my personal journey and things that I considered to be factors, I just wanted to share my thought process. Yours could be different and you may not even care about any of these factors at all. I guess in a “McNut” shell, I just want you to consider the possibilities, the potential and think about the bigger picture for your personal path. What you created, what you have, what it is, and what it could become.

Have a backup plan!

Have choices and options, do your due diligence. When researching publishers, you’ll see there are several options and a lot of information out there, and some disinformation as well. Don’t let the disinformation enthusiasts and negative Nancy know-it-alls discourage you. And believe me, I know that it can seem a little daunting, but steady the course! You can do this!

I would recommend picking out a few different publishing companies that coincide with your narrative or who just makes you feel comfortable. For me, after researching for about a week or so, I had actually narrowed it down to two publishing companies that I was interested in. And I figured that if those didn’t work out. I could always contact others. My first choice who I submitted my book (“manuscript”) to was a Christian company, because of my type of book and message, I felt like they would be a good fit for me and that’s the direction that I wanted to go in, if possible. I have to say that I was totally surprised, and a little shocked that the first company that I chose… Actually chose me! I mean, this is my first book, I’ve never done anything like this before. I was so honored and grateful that Christian Faith Publishing liked my story and made my book a reality. I feel very lucky and blessed because I know that it doesn’t always happen with the first publisher that you contact, especially since this was my very first book ever! So that’s why I’m saying, have options, and if the first publisher that you contact doesn’t work out, then contact another. Hey, if at first you don’t succeed… try, try again!

Also just a heads up, please remember that things are not like we see on TV. Unless you’re some big time, well known writer or celebrity, you are not gonna get some big check in advance, so let’s be real and keep things in perspective… Publishing a book will cost you money!

I hope that this was helpful, and if you enjoyed it, please check back soon for “The Publishing Process… It’s Habbening!” Part 3, the last part, of “Becoming an Author”. Also, please share this or any of the other blog articles that you like with friends and family. Thank you!

How I did it! Becoming an author…

A little background.

So if you don’t know, the “How I did it” pic comes from “Young Frankenstein”, an older comedy which is one of my favorite movies. I try to have a good sense of humor about everything, and I do consider myself to be somewhat witty. I mean, I make my self laugh all day long! But, what I never considered myself to be… was a writer.

I’d love to say that I took creative writing in college, or read a ton of books and I’ve always wanted to be a writer… I know that this is probably the case for a lot of Authors, and that’s Awesome! But it’s just not my case, I probly don’t fit the “typical Author description” so to speak. Like Homer Simpson, I’ve always said my favorite book is… Magazines! And I’m usually reading some sort of “how to” or tech manual.

It’s kind of funny, but I sort of equate becoming an author to my time in law enforcement, meaning neither occupation was anything that I ever really thought I’d do. But I happened to do both pretty well! I’ve also been an “Operations” type person for many years, creating training manuals, daily user guides, as well as implementing and streamlining business processes. I have also written some funny headset tech blogs.

Idea for, Squirrelly McNut Goes to School.

So one day, I just had this name pop into my head… “Squirrelly McNut”. My first thought, as with most things, was how to use it in a joke! I joke about everything, including making fun of myself. Yep, I’m that off the cuff funny guy! It’s so dusty in my house right now, the Dust Bunnies ride around in dune buggies…” Anyway, weeks go by and still no joke. And one night it just came to me, put it in a story. But I’ve never written anything like this before, could I even do it??? So that night I just started typing, running different plots and scenarios through my head navigating a path. The character, the content, and the story line just seemed to pour out. And by morning, my “Squirrelly McNut” character and book “Squirrelly McNut Goes to School” was created! Now of course, this is no novel. But this is where my path led to, short wholesome stories for children illustrating innocence and Christian values, with plans on it being a series. Who knows where your path could lead…

Hold up Santa, all in one night? What about writer’s block?

True, writer’s block happens a lot. Everyone’s gonna have their own way, but it may not always work the same way every time either. So don’t get discouraged. I don’t always get it done in one night. For me, when I’m getting ready to try to write, I’ll let the ideas marinate in my head for maybe a week. Then I have to clear my head and be mentally relaxed, and I’ll find my writing window in the middle of the night. I like that it’s dark, no TV, no distractions, it’s my quiet and creative time. If I’m feeling stressed or like I’m forcing it, that’s no good, I walk away and get back to it another day! But when I’m in the zone, I’ll write all night long!

You can do it!

Every Author is gonna have their own “creative processes”. For many years I’ve been creative, and I usually have processes for just about everything I do, but I never thought that I would or could write a book, much less having it published and available almost everywhere! So I hope this just shows that no matter what your background is, if you develop a passion for writing or if you are blessed with a message to share… Don’t be afraid, put pen to paper. You can do it!

I sincerely hope that this blog post inspires the Author in you! If this was helpful and you liked, please leave a comment if you want, and share the website. And also follow for upcoming blogs such as “So you wrote a book, now what?”